Thursday, May 06, 2010

frock fabulosity

Here are two looks I LOVED from the Met Gala costume ball. Loving how Marion's all covered up, yet looks utterly delicious. This glittery Dior frock hearkens back to another era and shows off her curves rather delightfully. And, that hair! Swoon. {and the bearded, hatted dude behind her is rather cute too non?}

Emma's frock is asymmetrical, and yes, that's one helluva slit up the front, but that's precisely why I love it. And that pleated detailing over the hips is divine. This gal knows how to dress.


  1. Agreed. The 'bearded-hatted' dude behind her is Sean Lennon who would have been there with his divine squeeze Charlotte Kemp Muhl.

  2. Oh Bless - so it is, didn't look too closely at him - just liked his beard and hat!


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