Monday, May 10, 2010

grey linen lovelies

These are so cute they are now on my wish list!!! {So says my 10-year-old who just typed over my shoulder!}. And I can't say I blame her. The cool elegance of the grey linen and white almost makes you forget how teeteringly high they are.

I'm all recharged after a gorgeous mother's day yesterday. Wait till I show you some photos of the delicious creations my two loved-ones cooked up for me - bless their socks. They also cleaned and tidied the living room and kitchen which means I've got a deliciously clean slate to start off the week.

Did you enjoy your weekend? What's on the to-do list this week?


  1. Gorgeous shoes, make me think of Grace Kelly swanning around the Riviera.

  2. They are quite fabulous indeed. Glad you had a good day yesterday and can't wait to see the fruits of their labour!

  3. I would not get through my marathon to-do list wearing those shoes - but how fabulous would I look in the attempt! Glad your MD went well - mine was also great, up to a point. But that's motherhood for you, right?

  4. Thanks Beth - will have to get those photos on soon.

    LIAPF - fabulous, that's how you'd look. Oh, and on the lift buttons - I remember holidaying in Surfers Paradise and my brother and I arguing over the pressing - till I pressed every single damned one of them {I'm thinking 100 - probably not too far from that...}


    I love them, I love them so much I will dream about these shoes *sigh

  6. You need to see my shoe of the week this week. Totally swoon worthy. Happy Mother's Day lovey!

  7. Lulu - aren't they just dreamy!

    Sara Rose - I'm there!!


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