Tuesday, May 04, 2010

happy birthday to my boy

It's my lovely, lovely husband's birthday today. Hurrah. Pressies are wrapped and ready to go, bacon and eggs in the fridge ready to cook up for breakfast and dinner's booked at our fave restaurant for dinner {hmmmm, duck confit or pork belly?}

I remember one of the first times I'd even seen him was when he was out for his 21st birthday {bless!}. It was my friend's birthday too so we were out doing the rounds of Newcastle's drinking establishments in celebration. As we were walking in to one venue, he was walking out. I noticed his hair first, then his cherry red docs, then his lovely smile. A few months later we finally got together, and by the end of the year we were ready to move in together. Now, here we are so many years later and I've been blessed to spend so many birthdays with such a lovely man.

Joyeux anniversaire mon cheri.


  1. What a lovely little reminisce! Happy birthday to him, and enjoy!

  2. Cherry doc martins...knickerbockers...you are putting a smile on my dial this morning. Have a FABULOUS day and is there any other choice BUT pork belly? Enjoy!

  3. Thanks Lucy, took me back too!

    Beth, pleased to be of service. Had a big crispy bacon sandwich for lunch to warm up for dinner!


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