Friday, May 28, 2010

heads up

I'm loving SJP's headwear at the London premierre of SATC2. Not loving what's filtering through of the reviews... Oh well, it's a great girly get-together and if nothing else there's fashion porn and Aiden...

Not sure how many reviewers are looking at the film through a fan's eyes though. That's my biggest bugbear - reviewer's who do not take the target audience into consideration when reviewing a film. Sure, tell me that it's well/poorly shot, well/poorly cast/acted/directed etc - but does it hit the mark? Does it do what it's set out to do?

Check out all the rom-coms with huge box office takings and abysmal reviews - is everyone walking out of that film saying how much they hate it? Sometimes we just need a little fluffy escapism - particularly when our lives are hectic and filled with enough drama thank you very much. It's like reading. When I read it tends to be on the light side, preferably on the humorous side too. I spent all day researching articles, other times studying French, and also supervising homework - that's enough work for me thanks, I just want to relax.

So next week I'm frocking up and going into the film with an open mind. Chances are I'll love it...


  1. Stop reading the reviews immediately Ms PPMJ. Go and surprise yourself, not have those voices in your head.

    Speaking of heads, definately adore yourself with one of those babys. Just bliss.

  2. Oh, I'm not reading. And oh yes, I need myself something like that {may have to sit in the back row though...}

  3. Nice hat but never has she looked more horsy!!


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