Saturday, May 01, 2010

it's raining, but not pouring

After it bucketed down last night the rain managed to hold off for my gals' netball game today. And what a game. Seriously, I can't believe how impressed I am with a team. Each week every single player improves and puts in a little bit more. Today, they were on fire. We won with an impressive score of 23 to 16 - with one of our shooters scoring 20 of those goals - legend.

I love watching their confidence grow and seeing them put skills they learn in training into action. Honestly, I should have to pay for having this experience. Now that I've coached for a year I feel I've got my head in the right place. Last year I was so concerned about being 'fair' and not considered one of those 'netball mums' that I stepped back a little. But this year I know what the girls need and feel confident I can give it to them.

My husband's off to play in his second golf comp today, bless his socks. My gal's currently showing her grandmother her skills on the Wii fit and I'm contemplating the rest of my day. Tomorrow there's a full-day netball skills clinic - so my gal will be going to that - leaving my husband and I free to do a little bit of shopping for his birthday - and maybe just a little bumming around.

There are markets on down the road, perhaps a wander down to The Junction is in order. You?


  1. just came back from the markets. we shold meet up some time.

  2. Absolutely! We've probably passed each other a dozen times in various locations.

  3. Well, I stood on the soccer field instead this morning. My 6yo hasn't been in to it lately, but today he did really well. There was one minor incident where the ball hit his head and he was quite upset about that (don't blame him!) but all in all - a great effort!

    I'll be lazing most of Sunday. Love Sundays....


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