Thursday, May 20, 2010

j-crew - woo-hoo

It used to drive me crazy checking out cute little bits and bobs on US blogger's sites from J-Crew. Cute, affordable clothing seems to be the go. Now it's available on, making it just that little bit more available. These satin ballet flats? I like them very much indeed. Converted from pounds they're $112 Australian dollars, but I think I'd get at least 112 wears out of them - making the cost-per-wear factor a mere $1. Bargain! And the scoop neck jersey tee I spied? Oh, casual chic you're calling my name dude.


  1. Can I tell you how much I LOVE your reasoning here? The VERY next time I see something that's, say $100 or so, I'll just apply your method and ask myself, "Will I wear this 100 times?" If the answer is "Yes," then it's a STEAL at $1 per wear! HOW will I ever be able to thank you for opening my eyes to this?!!

    Yay, YOU!!!

  2. Oh AFANM, there is NOTHING better than cost-per-wear. I read about it years ago and have applied it to absolutely everything I own. Glad I've helped spread the good word! x


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