Sunday, May 02, 2010

just do it

Today was a damned fine day to get a buttload of stuff out of the way. So far this weekend I've ticked off some awful jobs that taunted me when I couldn't do anything about it. The overflowing recycling bin is now emptied into the big bin, ready for collection tomorrow. Now I don't have to trip over the overflow everytime I walked into the pantry. Also, yesterday I gave my fridge a long, long, long overdue clean-out. And oh boy, it was Nasty. Shelves are now scrubbed, loads of stuff tossed, jars soaking and ready for reuse {five jars of leftover home made salad dressing were on one shelf - who does that?}.

We tackled the big shopping centre and managed to buy the last few pressies for my lovely man's birthday on Tuesday {shoes, he needed to try on} and bought our gal the cutest outfit in the world from my new fave kids store - Gumboots. Then a lovely bagel lunch at Sprocket - one of my new fave cafes - then finishing off some washing and tidying the kitchen. The house is finally looking more homely.

Lovely husband's out painting the front fence - in the waning sunset-infused light. As predicted the fog did herald a gorgeous day. And from my perch on the hill I can look out over the suburb and see the most glorious hot peach tinted sky. Bliss.

Tomorrow I'm on canteen which lets me off the lunch-making duty as canteen day is always a lunch-order day. Then I'll drop off the coffee machine for repairs and come home to finish off and send another article. The to-do list is looking a little better - and boy, that makes me one happy chappy.


  1. Oh yay, love days where you actually accomplish things on your to-dos, a rare occurrance in this household!!!
    The fridge? My folks are like that, I swear there are things still living in that fridge from before I left home!
    Best tip I ever got - line your fridge shelves with greaseproof paper, it's hardly noticable & looks neat & crisp, then when it looks mucky you just change the paper! Works like a charm, I have not had to scrub my fridge in years!

  2. Greaseproof? Never heard that but I like it! Thanks!

  3. Greaseproof or baking paper. Either work well, they mop up any leakage & last for a couple of weeks before they need changing!
    I cannot access my stupid Email, it is driving me bonkers, i have to keep checking in on Blogs to scout out reply comments!

  4. Gee I wish I was in your shoes. I've dithered as usual! Shows it's a universal issue though. Doncha' love a spick and span house. Spiffy blog.


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