Monday, May 24, 2010

like mother...

My gal came to me yesterday with a meal plan that she'd devised for the week bless her socks. She might have blue eyes and blonde hair but boy, is she her mother's daughter...


  1. Is she doing the cooking too? If so, could you please send her to my place!

  2. Given half the chance she most certainly would!

  3. Oh...I don't suppose you could post one EVERY week, now could you? I hate thinking about what to make for dinner each night.

    If I asked my boys, I'm quite sure I'd see pizza one night, hot dogs the next, ham sandwiches and pasta. That'd be that.

  4. How utterly gorgeous!!! Put her on Junior Masterchef!!

    Am surprised though, only ONE lamb dish??

  5. I normally run mine on Wednesday's Jodie - but will run my gal's child-friendly options every monday if she's keen.

    And Liss, you'll be thrilled to know that's YOUR chicken curry that's featured - she's addicted. Yes, only one lamb - I'm astonished that duck confit isn't on the list!

  6. That really is sweet! I'm looking forward to when my little ones can tell me what they want, rather than just looking disdainfully at my offerings!


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