Sunday, May 09, 2010

me likey

Sitting here, replete after eating a rolled, butterflied leg of saltbush lamb, stuffed with eshallots and swiss mushrooms and mustard, followed by a chocolate tart, washed down with french champagne {MasterChef meal cooked by darling husband and dearest daughter} I stumbled upon a few shots of Carrie and Big's apartment in Sex and the City 2 {got your tickets yet? I've got mine for June 2 - squeeeeeee}. I'm loving this couch and mirrored table - and the simple muslin curtains in the rear of the shot. Pretty stylish.


  1. You sound like you've had just about a perfect day!

  2. Sounds delish....lucky gal! Waiting for the movie to come, gold class all the way!

  3. I'm loving the couch/sofa thingy too. Would work perfectly in my living room. Can't wait to see more!


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