Sunday, May 16, 2010

oh venizia

Everyone's who's known me for five minutes, or opened this blog for 20 seconds knows that I'm a Francophile. Love it. Adore it. But luckily I've just had a reminder of how Italy inspires me. I've just been over at FrankyFiesty's place {in the blog-world} and reading her tale of her Italian and French journey made me fall in love with Italy all over again.

Venice. Oh, how I love Venizia. It's magical. One night my husband and I had dinner in the trattoria you can see pictured on the left of this photo. We sat in a teeny table by the canal and ate Frito Misto and Linguine Vongole and sipped wine. Bliss. The calls of "Gondola, Gondola" were quietened once the crowds had left for the day, but I still heard the swish they made as they glided past, taking their enraptured passengers through this enchanting city.

Sure, a gondola ride costs a damned fortune - but it's a fortune well-spent as I can still remember every moment of our ride - including its conclusion when we went from tiny little residential canals to the expansive and exquisite opening that is the Grand Canal.


Oh, and guess what? I've reached the magical 100 followers! So I'd like to send out a pressie to one lucky follower. Let me know your favourite colours and skin type and I'll send out some beauty booty and other bits and pieces to one follower I'll draw at random from my commenters over the next week. Leave your blog address - because I'm going to check you out to make sure I understand your taste before choosing your goodies.

Bonne chance!


  1. You know I was out with Kirrily (@kirrily) yesterday farmgating and we stopped in Richmond for a bit and there's a darling france-inspired interiors shop - I think you need to go check it out! It reminded of you instantly!

    It's on the main drag - I can remember if it was Kurrajong interiors or nearby it.. anyways...

    I'm definitely a Venice-lover. I've been there three times and feel at home there every time.

  2. Ta so much for the link! You are so's a link to a little movie my son put together of our Parisian adventure...I boo-hooed my eyes out with happy, mothery, time-of-my-life, miss-it-so-much emeotions

  3. Anything french and I think of you!

    There is a current ad on tv and in the end its a catfood ad, but I'm always surprised it's not you sitting at the table with your gorgeous cat. lol!

    Congrats on the 100 followers! That's huge! But I'm not surprised!

  4. How exciting! Congrats on hitting the ton. I love Italy - haven't been for nearly 20 years now, but still feels like yesterday.

  5. Congrats on the 100 followers - well done. Maybe one day I will get to the "Continent" and Venice will be on my list. xxx

  6. Wow, thanks Liss, I'll have to check it out next time I'm down that way. Oh, Venice a trois? BLISS!

    Frankly Feisty, I do so adore that little movie - may have to go visit it again today. Love that he created that for you - what a boy!

    Belinda, thank you, that's so sweet. I do love that ad too. I know 100 BIG!

    LIAPF - the best memories always remain fresh don't they?

    Kakka, thank you, and I so hope you get there - it's gorgeous, like you xx

  7. Ohhh..i so want to go to venice! Love the idea of riding in a romantic. Sigh..but so expensive!!!

    In regards to your giveaway my fabvourite colours are blues and greens i guess...though I look best in other colours. My skin idea what that means...look at my pictures I guess! And congrats...I am excited enough with making it to 33 followers!


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