Monday, May 03, 2010

perfectly pretty

Yesterday we went shopping for shoes for my husband's birthday and when we were in Aldo I managed to restrain myself and only try on one pretty pair of Mary Janes {you know, because it was his birthday - I can't make it all about me}. But believe me, I'll be going back before mother's day to slip a few pairs on. Look at this pair of perfectly precious jade beauties. I'm in love...

Off to canteen this morning - wish me luck!


  1. These shoes are SO you, Linda. You need them.

  2. Those shoes also belong on my feet. Since we share shoe sizes, Linda dahlin', it's not hard for you to get two, right? :P

  3. OMG, How did I miss these. Oh yeah. That's right. My laptop died! Stunning. Simply Lovely.


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