Thursday, May 20, 2010


Oh, some weeks everything just flies out the window doesn't it? Today's the third day I've had my gal home from school. She only has a cold, but today's the sports carnival at the world's coldest and windiest sports ground so I'd prefer she stayed home to recover rather than developing a chest infection. So today, I think we'd best bake a cake. My articles are coming along nicely for my deadlines, I've finished tonight's French homework {AND I've done revision - thank you French Film Festival inspiration}.

The house, is a disaster. Floors are spattered with coffee and hot chocolate dribbles - I swear every hot drink this week has been spilt a little. Washing's slowly trying to dry in the pavillion, sheets are in need of washing - as are towels. But it's cold, and rainy, and these things just take time. My saviour is my meal planning. Even though last night I couldn't get to the butcher {bucketing rain} I had the makings for tonight's meal, chorizo pasta bake, so all was well.

It's easy to get all stressed and frantic when things don't go according to plan, but I'm just trying to chill, shrug my shoulders and get on with it. I'm going to wash my hair and let my gal play on the computer - then I'll give the floor a mop {little sickie gal vacuumed yesterday - bless her socks}. Clean hair and clean floors make everything look better don't they?


  1. Oh yes, that is totally me this week. I think it's due to the rain. Two little girls trapped inside = lots of mess.

    I vacuumed this morning and instantly felt a little better, but I'm trying to ignore the teetering pile of washing...

  2. Hope your gal feels much better soon!

  3. Gal on the mend, house okay-ish, work allright... weekend on track!


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