Wednesday, May 26, 2010

real ark-weather

The rain is so heavy and unrelenting - I'm thinking this here is my best option for the school pick up this afternoon. I've already cancelled netball training again this afternoon - even if by some miracle the rain stops the courts will be under a metre of water.

What's not helping is that along with the poopy weather so many people seem to be going through tough times at the moment. My heart's with everyone - just as these skies have to clear sometime, so does the misery.

I think my gal and I will bake some cupcakes this afternoon. After all, baking makes everyone feel better doesn't it?


  1. Even though it's still raining here my heart is FILLED with sunshine for the first time since Sunday morning! Promise those clouds will part soon....x

  2. So pleased you and Miss Harper are home safely. Boy, will you sleep beautifully tonight!


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