Monday, May 03, 2010

rock on

I'm a very patriotic Aussie. Very. I'll always do what I can to support anything Australian. I'm also nostalgic about the days in my youth I spent hanging out checking out bands in pubs - some of my greatest nights were spent in the mosh pit of Aussie bands such as You Am I, The Hard Ons, Beasts of Bourbon, Tumbleweed, and local bands like Terraplanes, Sponge and The Wash. Ah memories. In my head I'm still that rock chick in her Docs and vintage petticoats. I will also do absolutely anything for my friends and support them no matter what they do.

So, tonight on ABC2 a NEW Aussie TV show will air at 9pm. It's about rock bands playing in the venues of my semi-youth - Newtown, the Annandale etc. It's also directed/produced/co-written by the extremely cool Beth's uber-talented husband Rob - so how can I not only not watch it - but not implore all of you to switch over at 9pm tonight and raise a scotch and dry at the screen. Or vodka tonic - I'm not fussed. Cask moselle? Oh, you're stretching the friendship but feel free. {No fluffy ducks though - that's for girls}.

I Rock - so should you.

PS: not me in the pic...


  1. You do rock. Thank you lady x

  2. I had a look but I think I'm too old. That lead singer just drove me nuts!

  3. Yes, LIAPF - pretty sure I dated him once... Or someone just like him. I'm loving the supporting cast - very understated with some hilariously nuanced performances {my fave thing is actually to watch the chararcters in a background to see if they stay in character - when they do, it totally adds to the appeal}

  4. I rock too, in a chair with my doily crochet on my lap.

    Am back in comment mode, apologies for the non-attendance to duties...

  5. Thanks MM - you were missed - but we need our breaks don't we?


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