Monday, May 31, 2010

shark attack

It's always best to end a tv show on a high. Smart people end a show before it deteriorates into a parody of its former greatness. Fawlty Towers, twelve episodes of genius. Ricky Gervais's The Office - two series, a couple of Christmas specials and the best ending ever.

Those who neglect this simple rule, however, become objects of ridicule. Often this moment is called "Jumping the Shark" and now, for your viewing pleasure, YouTube and I are proud to present you with the original, and craptastic best. Go here - at your own risk.

PS: if you find this doll, I'd love one...


  1. This is hilarious! The highlight of my day!

  2. My favourite part of that has always been that The Fonz is wearing his leather jacket. Perfection!

  3. And those baby blue swimming trunks! Perfection!

  4. Golden moment of TV history! Brilliant! Thanks for that!

  5. I love this concept. And the doll is precious!!


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