Sunday, May 23, 2010

simply sunday

Don't you love a good weekend? The rain finally seems to have cleared so my friend and I are off to the Farmer's Market for breakfast {coffee, bacon and egg rolls. Mmmmm} and then off to check out Raid My Wardrobe - a vintage and pre-loved clothing market. Nice.

Dinner last night considered of perfectly crisp and melty pork belly, pate, puddings, wine and laughter. Nice combo huh?


  1. It's sooo cold here in Melbourne today! I just want to be transported to that picnic...Have a gorgeous day.

  2. Still raining in Perth - but we need it so much. My Sunday will consist of washing (then using the dryer) and blogging, some FB and some work so I am ready for my trip to Kalgoorlie on Monday. Your dinner sounded so yummy.

  3. No rain here - but your Saturday Night In sounded a lot more interesting than mine.


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