Saturday, May 15, 2010

sizzling saturday

My frantic Saturday morning has concluded, and I'm sitting here a little dazed. I was out the door at 8am to get to the netball courts in plenty of time to supervise my young player who had to umpire. She did beautifully. After being abused last time by a horrid mother on the sidelines she stepped up with confidence - I'm so proud of her. The self-assurance she has at 10 is astonishing - I've barely got it over 40!

Then my team played in a very tight match, only losing by one goal. Then I had to sit at a stall to sell tickets for a fundraiser and now I'm home. Phew. Need a nap I think.

Last night's French film at the festival was amazing. It's called Laughing Out Loud (LOL) and was a fabulous insight into teenagers {and somewhat horrifying!} and the mother/daughter relationship. Sophie Marceau played the mother and every single time she came on the screen I wondered at how incredibly beautiful she was. Actually, it was a very beautiful cast - the teenage boys and girls were all exquisite French teens with individual style that was heartbreakingly gorgeous. Oh, and the soundtrack! Lots of Blur, a bit of vintage Stones and the Kinks and Supergrass for a stunning couple of scenes set in London.

It's out on video next month, or July - if you're a Francophile like me look out for it. If only for one of the closing scenes that takes place on the Seine - seriously I'll never get used to sighting the Eiffel Tower, it blows me away every time I see it. Oh, but it's rated MA15+ for a reason - so think twice before sharing it with kids. It'd be great to watch it first, then watch it with your older teen - but it could be confrontational for a first viewing {which is why I hope the couple that attended the screening last night with their under-10-year-old left before the action got really raunchy - honestly, it's a rating - not a loose guideline...}

Another film tonight - The Girl From Monaco, from the director of Coco Avant Chanel. Then finally, sunday afternoon the final film. French bliss.


  1. So wish I was going to the FFF, but alas I'm over my quota of leave passes this month.

  2. Oh Siobhan, I think I'm using three year's worth of leave passes in the next few weeks - busy girly things.


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