Sunday, May 30, 2010

suds up

After yesterday's relentless downpours, today's bright and sunny - perfect car washing weather. So I'm off to detail my car and pop it on carsales. By the way, have you ever considered car washing an erotic activity? Well, judging by the google image search I just did car washing is waaaaay up there. Unusual sunday morning viewing I must say.

Most of the stuff we put out the front for council clean-up has gone - I'm pretty sure that by the time the scrap-metal merchants and junk finders scavange around the council will only need a ute for the pick up.

I've got a lovely leg of lamb with the bone in, and the shank, to cook in the slow cooker at lunchtime for our dinner tonight. Packed with garlic, rosemary and anchovies, mmmmm.

Okay, best put on my best cut-off denims and bikini top and get myself soaped up... Oh, that's right - I'm just washing my car.


  1. Too funny! I blame Jessica Simpson for the sudsy car wash fantasy thing. Goodness me...enjoy the sunshine while you can and as for that leg o' lamb...enjoy!

  2. Oh, t'was scary early on a sunday morning! And yes, that Simpson girl has a lot to answer for! Will enjoy my lamb - yours looked fab!

  3. I washed my car yesterday... alone...fully clothed... maybe next time I could surprise my husband...LOL!


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