Wednesday, May 19, 2010

whatever wednesday

Oh, hi. How's things? I have my sick child home again today. Poor poppet has a cold that's gone down into her chest, so a day at home may help her recover. That's the best thing about working from home, I don't have to take the day off to look after a poorly child - hopefully I'll still get some work done.

Hey, are you watching MasterChef? There are a few things I just can't understand. Last night's challenge meal {which looked amazing and I'm dying to try} when the original was shown had extremely rare meat. So rare it just looked seared on the outside - which I'm fine with - I'll eat most meat rare, except chicken obviously. But then, in the tasting, the judges complained the contestant's meat was too rare - and it looked more well-done than the sample dish... Huh? I'm finding it hard to follow and really wish they'd show just a tad more cooking in the show.

And Survivor? Let's not even go into how damned STUPID the heroes have been this season. I'm now totally pulling for Sandra to win. Parvati's a genius, and Russell a master Machiavelli, but Sandra's quietly been playing this game all the way.

PS: Colby's poor brother last night? Colby, dude, don't blame others for your problems, be a man and accept responsibility. What happened to the player from Australia? I think he left his skills in the outback.


  1. i noticed that about the meat too!

  2. Beautiful, gorgeous apron!
    I'm loving Survivor! i agree, love Parvati and Sandra, but so wish Russell was gone - everyone wants to take him to the end though, so might not happen.
    Enjoying watching Masterchef with the kids- can't believe how emotional everyone is. They must love cooking!

  3. I feel like I am really missing out! I haven't been watching Survivor OR Masterchef!

  4. ONLY THE BEST VISUAL EVER! Tim Walker from his "A Private World" editorial.
    You know, the funny thing is that I've been getting all upset over what to write about this very image for my thesis, and seeing you post it has tugged at my heart so much that I think I now know what to say about it.

  5. Weird wasn't it Clarissa?

    Little Eve -love your blog, gee you have some pretty things over there.

    Mummalu, both are satisfying my need to yell at something inanimate - the television!

    Rianna, it's beautiful isn't it. I'm so thrilled that seeing it in a different context has helped you - must have been why I was drawn to it! xx


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