Wednesday, May 05, 2010

what's cooking wednesday?

Boy, do I need to go shopping today. There are only two varieties of cereal in my pantry {I normally like to have five or six on the go - love variety} and my gal's going to school with carrot sticks for fruit break {thought a vegie was preferable to slices of lemon which was the only other option...}. After my big fridge clean-out it seems my pantry followed suit and now my cupboard is bare.

Here's what we'll eat this week:

Tonight: Netball training till 5.30 as my netball club are putting on a shooting session from 4.30, so we'll be home late and probably starving. Chilli con carne in the slow cooker will do.
Thursday: French lessons so I leave at 5.30 and get home at 8.30. Hubby can cook steak and vegies and I'll have some toast before I leave and yoghurt and fruit when I get home.
Friday: I keep planning salmon and forgetting to have it. Not this week. Salmon, chipped potatoes and crushed, minted peas - NO MATTER WHAT.
Saturday: Something yummy from the new Provencal cookbook we bought for my husband for his birthday.
Sunday: roast chicken I think - depends on what's on last night's menu
Monday: chorizo pasta bake as I've got an early game of netball.
Tuesday: Salmon patties, mashed pumpkin, wilted spinach and salad.


  1. I love salmon patties :) Hardly have them anymore though. Last night we had home made pizza which was soooo tasty! Sigh...olives

  2. Oh, that image is to die for. Someone illustrated my Granny in her kitchen. I love it.

  3. Isn't it cute Lucy! BTW, loving your new pic and hairdo x

  4. Can I come over when you have the salmon please??? It sounds so good!

  5. Finger's crossed it'll taste good. Now, at the risk of repeating myself here - loving YOUR new photo and hair-do! x


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