Wednesday, May 12, 2010

what's cooking wednesday?

So, it's wednesday already and I need to come up with a list of meals for the week. Luckily {I guess} last week we missed a few meals for various reasons so I've got a few of last week's meals set to repeat. Here's the dish:

Thursday: French Lessons - lamb chops, sweet potato fries, almond brocollini
Friday: First night of Alliance Francais Film Festival - so a quick steak, frites and salad
Saturday: Second night of Alliance Francais Film Festival - chicken provencal
Sunday: Final night of Alliance Francais Film Festival - pork rib roast and vegies
Monday: Early game of netball - spaghetti bolognaise
Tuesday: Ballet, followed by a starving child - salmon en papillotte, lemon potatoes, garlic spinach.

Hurrah, Mercury's no longer retrograde. I was superstitious and waited till today to drop my coffee machine off for repairs {if things break down during mercury retrograde why trust a repair during this time?} so hopefully it won't be too long a wait for the repair.

We're out of coffee beans so I'm going to treat myself to a nice coffee at the Silver Spoon cafe before shopping. Then I'll come home, put the slow cooker on and settle down to an afternoon of working before netball training this afternoon. Hopefully this wind'll die down - kids become that extra little bit crazy in the wind don't you think?

What are you eating this week?


  1. I think I need to get me a slow cooker. For some reason I have always hesitated, but then I see all you ladies making delicious things that make the house smell delicious and I want some of that delicious.

  2. Nothing quite as glamorous as you, but I am doing a very similar butter chicken for this evening...and I have squid at the ready to be salt and peppered for tomorrow.......

  3. Hmmm. Your list is much more interesting. Tonight is leftover vegetable soup and I haven't got further than that. Usually I plan and shop for all meals on Sunday, but we were away and it's thrown me out completely!

  4. Beth, you do, they're the best thing ever. Ever. And, apparently you can make pork rillettes in them. Mmmm.

    Oh Lucy, squid - yummo!

    I tried Sundays LIAPF, but it always got away from me, for some reason Wednesday works (probably just for the alliterative blog title...)

  5. I'm with Beth, need to get me some slow cooker action. Pork rillettes... OMG. Now racing to get a slow cooker!

    Not sure what to cook this week, about to go to Coles and came to visit you for inspiration!


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