Wednesday, May 19, 2010

what's cooking wednesday?

Hello chilly weather and why, yes, I do believe I feel like some comfort food! Last night's meal planning went out the window when it was frosty cold and bucketing down rain. So instead of poor/always-picked-last-salmon we had chicken pot pie and mash. MMmmmmmm. (June last year - damned fine chicken pot pie recipe - easy and delish - try it!)

This week. Hmmmmm.

Tonight: steak and vegies
Thursday: chorizo pasta bake
Friday: Veal goulash with dumplings
Saturday: GIRLS' NIGHT OUT! Pork Belly for moi and my pal I'd imagine - and lotsa champers. Pizza for the boy and the girl left home alone.
Sunday: Roast beef and roasted veg
Monday: Salmon patties, wilted spinach, sweet potato chips and salad
Tuesday: chicken meatballs in a spicy tomato sauce on rice.


  1. Am making Irish Stew tonight. Have no plans beyond that. But happy with the idea of stew.

  2. Wow! You have some serious culinary skills there! My aspirations for this week are tuna mornay, spaghetti bolognaise and maybe fish and veg... A gourmet I am not!

  3. That pork belly & champers sounds good...Honestly, when will I EVER get my arse into gear and plan my meals (besides planning in the meat section of the supermarket during my lunch hour)?!!!

  4. Mmm, Stew... Love a stew!

    Thanks HappyJacki - I love to eat, so therefore I need to love to cook!

    Beth, seriously, just start it. It makes life so, so much easier. I often swap things around a little - but so long as I know what I've got on, things work out well. Lunch hours are for shoe shopping - not groceries!


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