Friday, May 21, 2010

woo hoo, weekend approaching

So, what excitement's in stall for you this weekend? I have a deliciously girly weekend planned and I just can't wait - from tomorrow afternoon it's all things girly and glorious. Le sigh.

Gal's gone to school today, a little apprehensive after a few days off. Luckily she has a slab of that marble cake to see her through the day. I'm sure she'll be welcomed back with open arms by her friends. Despite my heavy posting and baking yesterday I actually got a fair bit done - leaving only one task on the to-do list today {work-wise - house-wise is another matter, one I'm studiously ignoring...}

My coffee machine is back from the repairers, and oh, I love it so. Really nice, honest repairman over at the Sunbeam store - so much so that I'll consider Sunbeam appliances in the future {just as I swore off Sony after a hideous experience with a very, very rude woman at their repair store - which has now closed down...}.

Now, I've got a few blogs to catch up on, a couple of emails to send, and then I'm going to get showered, out of my jammies and get into work.

Have a fabulous weekend x


  1. I would just die without our coffee maker - I'm that addicted. That cake looks unreal! I would do anything for a slice of cake right now. Darn diet :(

  2. Hi Ally, thanks for popping by. Boy, you set my memory in overdrive with your blog!

  3. happy weekend lovely! hope you have a gorgerous day

  4. Despite my being in convalescence over my surgery, I think this will be a fun weekend! A girlfriend of mine whom I never, ever see is coming in two hours with brunch for us and all I have to do is make coffee! Tonight my dear friend Rhianna is coming for a weekend of girly time and knitting, plus EVA COMES BACK from her grandparents today! I am so excited, I bought brand spanking new hot pink nail polish to pick me up. We're going to watch lotsa movies, eat lotsa goodies, and soak up some late spring sunshine! Can you TELL I am excited!


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