Tuesday, June 22, 2010

bathing beauties

We've been going through our home lately, room-by-room, working out what we'd like to do in the long-term and the short-term. Generally speaking when our house was restored they did a fabulous job - but I think the bathroom was last on the list and it's starting to show. Our bath's developed a crack, a decent-sized one. So in the short-term we'll try to repair it and use the shower, but in the long-term it means a bathroom renovation is on the cards.

We've only got a smallish bathroom, so we're limited size-wise. But what we'd love is a slipper bath to replace the nasty plastic number that's there at the moment. Luckily we can save a bit as hopefully we'll be able to keep the current white subway tiles that go from floor almost up to the ceiling on all walls - they just need a bit of regrouting in the shower.

It's only in the preliminary stages at the moment - but isn't it great to have plans?


  1. I love that image... is that the sort of bathroom you're aiming for? I would LOVE to redo our bathroom but it would have to be done for $4.95 because that's my budget.

  2. we are looking for a similar effect. And wow, $4.95, well, you could buy a very nice handtowel to jazz up the room...

  3. Having the kitchen designer come this Thursday as it is time to do our 33 year old kitchen. Then the 33 year old bathroom is next. Will share photos when it is all finished. Luckily I have a little more than $4.95 - LOL.

  4. We REALLY need to do our bathroom too but keep putting it off. This photo is lovely though so perhaps you motivated me a little bit today!


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