Friday, June 11, 2010

blog redecoration

My blog make-over is well-overdue. Hope you like it! I think it's still pretty, and while it needs a tweek or two, I think it's kinda cute and classic.


  1. Very nice! Oh and I'll take one of those martinis too, please!

  2. 'Tis gorgeous!

    It's nice to have a bit of a makeover, isn't it?

  3. I'm gone for one minute and look what you do! LOVE. Well done get onto that martini for a congratulatory drink x

  4. Thanks Corinne, yes, the Martini does look mighty nice - specially with those teeny olives!

    Thanks Liss x

    Jodie, makeovers do rock, and considering I can't do a think with my hair it might as well be my blog.

    Beth, I thought the same thing! But I'm a bit besotted by my new pretty blog -know how you feel now. Shall be opening a celebratory bottle of something tonight x

  5. Very nice look.

    And those aren't teeny olives. They are normal sized olives in a BIG glass to celebrate the weekend!

  6. Lovely new look. Glad I found your blog just in time to see the before and after!

  7. You look lovely! It really brings out your 'I's. (Gag at the bad joke - I did.)

  8. Lovin' the new look PPMJ - just luscious.

  9. Little Eve, thank you so much!

    Red Dirt Mummy, aw shucks x

    E - you're hysterical - that's why I adore you!

    Photo Puddle, yes, you had a very brief time with my old, old look!

    LIAPF - I love a good pun - what ex sub-editor doesn't? How could heads be written without them?

    Thank you Kakka, glad you like!


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