Wednesday, June 02, 2010

furious love

I am working! {Yes, I've also washed my hair and painted my fingernails Strawberry Electric to go with the Manhattan Cupcakes I've decided to make for sweets for tonight...} But I had to share the following:

This image.
That cape/cloak/gorgeousity!!
His suit!!!
The fact that Elizabeth Taylor is releasing a book of Love Letters between herself and Richard Burton. Bliss.

You know the only thing that would be better? An audio version - remember his voice? Mmmm.

Okay, back to work...


  1. I melted when I read that story on SMH today. How good will that be!

  2. A book!!?? Of love letters!!?? How terrific! I will buy that for sure.

  3. He had the most deliciously smooth voice. It will be interesting to see if the letters are as hot as their romance seemed to be.

  4. Corinne - perfection!

    Rianna - I KNOW!!!!!!!

    Kakka - apparently hotter, they've had to use flame-retardant paper to publish them!


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