Sunday, June 06, 2010

i found my thrills...

A weekend in the vineyards with the girls was just the medicine I needed. I'm recharged and ready for whatever the week has to throw at me. I also broke down some of my barriers. I can be a wee bit of a snob. And one thing I'm particularly snobby about is any form of organised tour - large or small. But my friend who organised this weekend was keen on organising a wine tour - so I went into it with an open mind {and a wee bit of trepidation}.

On Saturday morning, after a fun friday night with scallops, pork belly, chorizo and prawns {and much champagne and pinot grigio...} we awoke and were greeted by a mini bus filled with nine strangers and a jovial driver. We hit the first vineyard where I proceeded to consume more wine before 11am than ever before. By the end of the day, much wine, a big lunch and a bit of a shop I was won over by the wine tour. I went to vineyards I never would have visited and me some interesting people {Pat the Us Marine and his gorgeous girlfriend were the highlights!}. But the piece de resistance was the vineyard that Mike saved till last. Blueberry Hill was not only a gorgeous little vineyard, with a vingeron and owner who was as dry as the perfect glass of champagne - but home to exquisite wines. Seriously - if you go to the Hunter Valley promise me you'll visit there? If not, go to their website - they also have accommodation that looks mighty nice.

Oh, and the best thing? The neighbour, a pilot who owns a Red Baron style plane, who took it out for a few spins and loop-de-loops while we stood watching, the sun setting over the vines. Priceless.

I came home with a car-boot full of wine, sated from much giggling and chatting with my friends. Ah, recharging - what a delight.


  1. sounds wonderful. I'm heading up that way in a few weeks. I might keep an eye out for Blueberry Hill.

  2. Sounds like a great trip! Gotta love a bit of wine tasting. x

  3. Fabulous. All of it. I am a bit of a tour snob too - glad to hear that you pushed your boundaries with this weekend (liver ones as well) and came out on top! Hope you have a GREAT (dry and sunny) week. Washing????! I have washing EVERYWHERE!

  4. Vicki - it's worth it - hunt it down. Delicious wines {I bought Chardonnay, which I normally dislike, Sauvignon Blanc, Rosé and the most amazing Shiraz I've ever tasted. Pretty labels too!

    Too true Jodie!

    Beth I was pleasantly surprised by the tour - gotta stifle that inner snob!

  5. Sounds at though you had a ball. Glad you enjoyed yourself.


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