Thursday, June 03, 2010

i heart it so

I went into the movie with trepidation last night. I was just planning on having a fun night with my friends and immersing myself in the fashion, but found myself falling in love. So many bad reviews and yet, I loved the new SATC movie. I felt it truer to the characters to the first film and with a lot of similar sensibilities to the series.

The first movie had that distracting sub-plot with Louise from St Louis, who, while gorgeous, wasn't what I was there to see. This time it was all about the girls, and most importantly their friendships. As Samantha says, "We're soulmates" and this is proven so many times throughout the film. They guide, they advise, they provide support, they sing, they drink and they laugh - all the things that good friends should do.

And oh, the frocks... DELICIOUS. I love the colour palate featured throughout the film, rich, jewelled hues in the most incredible fabrics.

I felt a little disturbed after watching the first film. I felt like the scriptwriter didn't actually like the characters he was writing about. But in this film the love showed though - and Liza? Legend. So many moments that I'm replaying and smiling - and one killer line from Samantha that will have me giggling on my deathbed {let's chat about that when you've seen it shall we}. If you're a fan strap on your highest of heels {otherwise you'll have heel envy - oh MY!} and run to go check it out. It's a fabulous celebration of women, friendships and fashion - what more can you ask for?


  1. how exciting!!! i'm going next week, looking forward to it.
    we'll talk then :)

  2. SO glad you enjoyed it! I felt the same way about the first but am going into this one with a hope for sillyness, prettyness and a distraction for 2 hours. Nothing more. Now? Cannot wait. Thanks for the review x

  3. I am so glad you said this Ms PPMJ. I trust you above all others on this account. Can't wait!

  4. Oooh I've been waiting all morning to read what you thought.

    Looking forward to it now! An added bonus is Aiden, I'm sure.

  5. Enjoy Cathie - can't wait to chat about it.

    Oh, Beth, I did. And a gay friend also said he loved it more than the first! Have a cosmo/champers cocktail first - yummy!

    Thanks Melissa. As I've said before, so many reviewers aren't the target market and they miss the point. I am the target market - and I'm sure you'll enjoy it.

    Corinne, I'm restraining myself from mentioning the delicious Aiden. Oh my, oh my...

  6. I am so glad I read this post! I am off to see SATC2 this weekend and can't wait! Was sad to hear there had been some bad reviews but reading this makes me think I am sure to love it!

  7. Not a huge SITC fan, but saw the first movie with my eldest daughter who is and didn't mind it. We are off on Weds (Gold Class no less) to see SITC II - and I was feeling anxious I would hate it with the all the bad reviews - but you have given me hope.

  8. i am so glad you liked it. i hope many more do. because it makes me feel better about the franchise which i love so much after i saw the movie and thought it was absolutely terrible. i have been sad about it too. not because it was bad. a bad movie is a bad movie. no big deal. but because it was SATC and it was bad. quite the opposite to how you feel, i thought it was a total sell out.

    funny how differently people can see the same thing.


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