Saturday, June 26, 2010

i'd be a little bit naughty

If it meant wearing this Valentino number for even a moment. Honestly, could you imagine anything more divine swishing around yourself? However, I'm pretty sure that the net-a-porter "Try it and return it if it doesn't fit policy" doesn't involve shipping frocks worth upteen thousand to Aus so I can be a princess for a day.

Well, one can dream....


  1. That is indeed a gorgeous dress. I might have a daydream about it too if you don't mind. Although I'd better stay clear of your daydream because it would just be so embarrassing to turn up in the same dress!!! HA HA!

  2. What I would give to wear this pretty little number for a special occasion. Oh my Valentino...

  3. Divine dress, although a little young for moi - you however would look just smashing. Enjoy the daydream - they say every woman should have 1 lbd - and it would indeed be lovely if it was this one.


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