Tuesday, June 08, 2010

little lessons

I'm off to my gal's class today to give a writing workshop to a bunch of year five kids. Eek! I've gone along before and it's been fun - let's hope they're open to it today.

I'm starting off with Best Opening Lines in Literature. I think a killer opening line is essential. It's why I always start off my articles by coming up with a great headline, sell and going from there. I can't just start off with the main body of the text - I need context.

So I've got some of my fave lines and we'll be discussing what we can expect from these opening lines - then I'm going to get them to write a paragraph to follow their chosen line. Should be fun.

Afterwards, well I'll be coming back to do a little work, wash my new sheets I bought yesterday {hurrah!} and maybe pop on the Morrocan Meatballs I saw over at frills in the hills.

What are you plans for today?


  1. That sounds exciting (and a little scary), not sure I could do the whole talk to the class thing. Today we are going to look for a new fridge, have been talking about getting a new one for a couple of years but today we start the actually looking. I'm loving the look of those french door fridges - so maybe it will be one of them. Hope the school visit was a blast.

  2. Firstly - I LOVE the picture you used above. Gorgeous.

    I could do with a class on headlines. I can never come up with goodies.

    Anyway, you day sounds great. I went food shopping this morn, met some friends for coffee, wrote a blog post, and now I'm reading a few before I do a quick whip around the house. Then I collect the 8yo & 6yo, take them to swimming, collect the 3yo from daycare, and home to cook dinner!


    Hope it went well. :)

  3. Oh Kakka - and it was TWO classes-worth - 40odd kids. Eek! Generally it was pretty well received, over 2/3rds really interested so gotta be happy with that. Good luck with the new fridge - I'd love a French door fridge (If I can't have a mint green Smeg...) x

    Thanks Jodie - isn't it a pretty pic!

    I have to start with my headline - otherwise my writing's stilted and odd.

    Your day sounds busy and fun! x

  4. Love the picture. What a lovely looking hallway!


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