Friday, June 11, 2010

long weekend woo hoo

I don't know about you, but I'm dead excited about this here long weekend. Three whole days with nothing to do. No netball so we can sleep in on Saturday. No plans so we can sleep in on Sunday. And no work or school so we can sleep in on Monday. See a theme here? Oh yes, there will be sleeping in!

There will also be gardening. Just a spot of weeding, some pruning and a lot of fertilising. All that rain's washed away all the nutrients in the soil and my leaves are all looking a wee bit on the yellow side. Luckily we've got bags of manure ready to lay down. Stinky, but essential.

My gal's also got a few playdates planned for the weekend, which will keep her entertained. And we will be making a date with Where the Wild Things Are on Foxtel at some stage over the weekend. We're also going around to visit some friends and check out their architect's ideas for their home and offer up a spot of garden advice. French cheese will be on offer which always makes me happy.

This weekend is also the time when I'm intending on making macarons. There's a few ingredients I need to track down, but surely I'll find them somewhere. I will be photographing and blogging.

Enjoy your long weekend. Hope it's filled with happy times and champagne x


  1. Oh, it sounds blissful. We will be having the requisite long weekend visitors. That's one thing about moving out of the city... But really looking forward to it!

  2. Sleep. Oh, sweet sleep. I envy you your sleep-ins and wish you many happy zzzzzzzzzs. I'll also be catching up on a spot of gardneing - aside from the depleted nutrients have you seen the weeds! Weeds in winter - what next?

  3. I agree... just love long weekends. What ingredients are you after? Can't wait to see your macaroons if you post them.

  4. LIAPF - hope you're enjoying your visitors.

    Maxabella, that is the good thing about having an older child - she happily entertains herself. Although we had the younger niece for a sleepover - girls woke at 6.45am - rude awakening for me. And yes, why are the weeds so green and lush?

    Alice, I found a recipe that doesn't called for dried egg whites. Fingers crossed they'll work. They'll be nothing like your beautiful creations - but hopefully they'll work out okay.


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