Sunday, June 13, 2010

ma macarons

Well, here they are - our first attempt at macarons. Now, while they're not perfect {oven temperature too hot} they're glossy, chewy in the middle and damned delicious. Some have lemon curd filling and others have rose buttercream and we ended up just making rose flavoured macarons. We had fun and now we're looking forward to trying again next time in search of perfection!


  1. Yum indeed, I love the colour of them, pity I don't live close so I could pop over and have a little taste.

  2. Nom nom.

    You know, I've never made macarons...

  3. They look wonderful. Macarons are on my 'will try to make' list, I think they're going to need to move up towards the top a bit more :)

  4. Hot DAMN - they look great! I made swirly choc/vanilla cookies on Friday night. Also not perfect but yumola!

  5. Ooo, yum! I've never tried making these but there seem to be so many lovely photos of them about I really fancy having a go!

  6. PinkPatentMaryJanesJune 14, 2010 at 12:03 PM

    Thanks everyone. I must say, they tasted perfect {why yes, I am using past tense already...}

    They're from I Love Macarons and while complex. it's a much simpler recipe than I've seen elsewhere. They're tricky, but I think I've already worked out where I went wrong {damned hot oven!}

    Next weekend I think we'll give it another shot. I'll whisk the eggs a little longer, add a touch more ground almonds and icing sugar to the mix, more food colouring and really bash the bottom of the tray to form the feet of the macaron.

  7. wow! You did a great job.

    I can never get them right.

    I've tried twice. The first time they were really delicious but looked terrible and the second time they tasted gross but looked pretty.

    I can't win.


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