Monday, June 28, 2010

meal planning monday

Okay, back on track. I'm starting my meal planning on a Monday again. Makes the week work a little better I think. Last night we had the most magnificent pork loin from the Farmer's Markets. The crackling was the best-ever and the meat was succulent and delish. I served it with some cavalo nero - black tuscan cabbage cooked with some garlic sauteed in butter and olive oil and just enough chicken stock to steam it. My green-veg averse husband actually liked it, and child didn't mind it. So I'll make it again {maybe adding some pancetta to make it even more appealing...}

Tonight: Netball. Chicken curry with cashews, rice and garlic naan.
Tuesday: Osso Bucco {I bought Angus Osso Bucco at the markets - it's so deep red it's almost purple - so must cook it to do it justice. I reckon a couple of hours in a tomato and garlic-rich sauce} served with mash and baby asparagus {also from markets}
Wednesday: We're doing Duck Confit night at III Bean with our duck-loving friends again. Hopefully Alice from Baked Uprising will have a sweet treat to tickle my tastebuds at the end of the meal.
Thursday: French study: no class but my friend and I are headed off to a quiet cafe somewhere to study together. I need all the help I can get with revising! For husband and child, bolognaise pasta bake.
Friday: Baked, glazed salmon, rice and asian greens.
Saturday: Friends for dinner so shall be perusing the French cookbooks for a suitable feast.
Sunday: Roast chicken dinner with veg.


  1. Feel free to come over to my house any time and cook us dinner - I'm hungry just reading your post!!!

  2. Can I have this very, very sute kitchen/dining set up please. Just lovely.

  3. I read your post title and thought "I really should do that too" and started the list in my head: spag bol, sausage hot pot, beef bourg... and then shut right up because your list is sooooo not like my list. I would LOVE to eat like you do, but somehow that's not going to happen! Enjoy!

  4. I have noticed your flooring and it's beautiful. Hard wood floors have added an air of class, as well as structural strength to your home.

  5. Thanks Jacki!

    Melissa, it's just gorgeous isn't it? So soothing and beautiful.

    Maxabella, my meals are only exotic-sounding because I've got an adventurous 10-year-old - and because I'm easily bored and need variety! I also love a spag bol and a beef bourg...

    Engineered Hardwood Floors, um, thanks.

  6. You really do have a think for Duck Confit, huh?

    Hmm-mm. Enjoy. All sounds delish!


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