Tuesday, June 22, 2010

musical motivation

Well, I've done it. 1200 words written and ready for editing. For these words I'd like to thank my muse. Pixies, you and your kick-butt music have managed to help me achieve what I thought was impossible. Thank you for Debaser, Monkey's Gone To Heaven, Wave of Mutilation and so many other pieces of musical genius.

Do you have a band that are guaranteed to help extricate annoying songs such as Sea of Love from your head when all else fails? Music that gets the house cleaner than a visit from Mr Sheen? Or tunes that get you in the mood for a fab night out?

Please share...


  1. You're on fire today, love! The Killers do it for me at the mome, but there have been countless others over the years. Comfy stand-by is always Cold Chisel.

  2. Ooooh, love the Killers... Mmmm, Brandon Flowers...

  3. Nothing gets me revved up like a bit of Van Halen. Yes, I am a sad, sad person! 1200 words, hey?! Impressive!

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  5. I am more of a Ben Lee kinda gal when I need motivation. Awake is the New Sleep helps me through the sleep deprivation :)

    Sorry, I had a weird typo in this message so I reposted.

    Love your blog BTW

  6. Ooh so many depending on the mood. Lily Allen is a favourite at the moment while I'm cooking.

    Nothing gets me ready for a night out like Nirvana (old grunge girl here).

    Confession time, when I'm home, kids are in bed and I'm on my own, '70s Elton John and a glass of wine does tend to make an appearance.

  7. Cleaning is Michael Jackson or Stevie Wonder. Or maybe even a bit of Madelaine Peyroux.

    All other occasions at the moment call for Sia. She's my hero.

  8. Oooh a Pixies lover - I LOVE the Pixies. High Five!

  9. Pixies rule. You have great taste.


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