Saturday, June 19, 2010

on a sunny saturday

It's a sunny winter's day here in Newcastle, chilly, but with enough warmth from the sun to allow it to feel pleasant. In two hours I'm being collected in a taxi by two fabulous friends and we're headed off to a bar on Newcastle's sparkly harbour foreshore. There, we'll catch up with a few more year 5 mums for cocktails and champagne before eating a meal and coming home. Sounds lovely doesn't it?

In case you're wondering why on earth I've included a picture of nailpolish here - it's because this is the exact colour that's going to be adorning my nails this afternoon. I'm also wearing a fiery red frock, so I'm obviously not in wallflower mode.

Hope you're enjoying your sunny saturday.

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  1. A red frock with light blue nails is going to look ravishing! Have a fab time tonight.


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