Tuesday, June 01, 2010

one more sleeeeeeeeeeep

I'm back! Had my zippy trip down and back to Sydney today and got back home in time to take my gal to ballet lessons and fit in a quick shop. I've bought a few items for tomorrow night's Sex and the City 2 pre-movie soiree here - cranberry juice for champagne/cosmo cocktails and pancetta and peas to make risotto {the parfait crowd-pleaser}. We'll be watching the first movie with a cocktail in one hand and risotto in the other, before heading out for a 9pm screening of the new movie. Squeeeeeeee! Now, I just have to decide on which colour nailpolish will go with my cranberry red cocktails - lilac perhaps? Then I once that's settled I can work out the outfit. Decisions, decisions...


  1. Hoping I can sleep!

    Having some of the girls for tea and drinks, and also a 9pm screening for the 10 of us!

    Hope you love it! xx.

  2. Woo hoo - I'll raise a cocktail glass for you and the girls tomorrow night - have fun xxx

  3. Sounds like you have a gorgeous night planned! I am going to a screening on Thursday night, cocktails, canapes and a few of my besties, can't wait! Sorry I missed you today, we definitely have to do lunch and a Vinnies rummage next time. x

  4. I was on the other side of the bridge today - trip down, work, then home by 3.30!

    Will organise a proper visit soon - got this job friday so no chance to organise stuff!

    Enjoy tomorrow night x

  5. Let's just pray that the weather holds so you can get those Manolo's on for the occasion. Enjoy!

  6. Is that your actual house? Can I come please? Looks so casually glam and gorgeous.

  7. Beth, the skies are looking mighty blue... but they've done that a few times recently. I'll enjoy myself even if I'm wearing wellies!

    LIAPF, sadly no, I would adore living in such a lovely space, but I was too spaced out to credit the photo yesterday!


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