Friday, June 04, 2010

ou est mon parapluie?

Oh rain, seriously, can you sod off about now? The only good thing about this continual sogginess is that I get to use one of my favourite French words - parapluie - so much cuter than umbrella non? It's right up there with pamplemousse - which kicks the butt of the english word grapefruit.

I'm off to the Hunter Valley for a girls weekend this afternoon. Bliss. There'll be wine tasting, fine dining and relaxing on the sofa with a nice glass of red and some dark chocolate I'll be thinking. Let's hope the rain calms down enough so that we don't get too saturated getting from place-to-place.

Last night I came home from French lessons to overflowing gutters and a good 30cm depth of water that spread from the curb to a metre and a half onto the road. Even the most energetic of long-jumps wasn't going to allow me to span that. Instead, I took off my shoes and waded through the water in my Leona Edmiston opaque stockings. Sog city. I think I need a pair of wellingtons for weather like this.


  1. There are some pretty cute wellies around this year, hope the sogginess ends soon.

  2. I nearly bought a pair of rose-encrusted Laura Ashley wellies on my holiday - but was sure that my purchase would end this torrential downpour {actually, that would be a good thing!}


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