Wednesday, June 23, 2010

playing catch-up

Phew, I'm playing middle-of-the-week catch-up today. I'm trying to get stuff together for my tax return {eek}, wash piles of dirty clothes, put away even higher piles of clean clothes, get on with some work, and start feeling more organised.

It's been one of those weeks so far. Much rushing, little achieved - or poorly achieved. We haven't eaten well this week. Monday night's chorizo and haloumi pasta was a fail. New haloumi lacked flavour and the tin of cherry tomatoes I used were bland and flavourless - it sated our hunger, but that's it. Last night was rushing around after a fabulous parent/teacher interview and I bought hamburgers from a take-away I shan't be visiting again. Erky. C'mon, if you're going to eat crappy stuff it needs to taste good doesn't it?

Tonight we're off to III Bean, where I apparently live now, for a pinot noir and duck confit night. Can't wait to see what Baked Uprising has prepared for pudding!

Right - off to hang out clothes and do another load - this day's going to be productive if it kills me.


  1. I'm having one of those catch up weeks too! Paper work, paying bills, running errands. Which I'm about to do right now.

    Just scrolling thru your posts - you are so busy! I love all your stuff!

  2. My week has been much the same. Tomorrow is my real 'work' day and I have a long list. So wish I was going to III Bean - pinot, duck and an Alice Lees tart.....*sigh*

  3. Every day feels like 'catch up' day at my place. How can I permanently be trying to catch up with my own life? Must reconsider priorities. this is 20zen afterall..

  4. I hope you finished "the catch-up" and had a great dinner!xx

  5. Desperately tried to have a productive day today too and I think I've done OK. It helped to put on some music in the kitchen and have a bit of dance around while doing the washing up and sorting out the cupboards. Don't tell anyone.


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