Monday, June 21, 2010

pump up the volume

With another busy week on the horizon I thought these fully fierce Miu Miu pumps were just the thing to get off to a good start. Is there an outfit they wouldn't up the vamp factor in by about a million volts?

I have a very sore and sorry husband after he lugged tonnes of convict sandstone and soil around in the side yard over the weekend - but wow, you should see how it's looking. Still a work in progress, but aspects are looking fabulous. I'm also pretty chuffed with myself as I managed to vacuum and mop all the floors while husband and gal worked outside in the yard. So clean, so lovely...

Today I'm working this morning, then dashing out to Bibina - this massive food warehouse home of absolutely every foodstuff you can dream of. Last time I was there I bought Violette Syrup {$3 a bottle less than at Essential Ingredient}, violet food colour, murray river pink salt and a few other bibs and bobs. This time I'm going to venture into both the cheese room and the chocolate room. Yum.

Hope you enjoyed your weekend.


  1. Oh my, I had never heard of Bibina but I'm looking it up! I try not to get sucked into the foodie scene, but every now and then... look out!

  2. It's a massive warehouse store in Newcastle. I finally went there about a month ago and fell in love.

  3. Oh yummo! Cheese room? Chocolate room? Is this place a little slice of heaven in Newcastle?

    PS - I sent you an email.

  4. Ow! Show us piccies of your gardening adventures and your purchases. That foodie store sounds wonderful, is it a chain or a one of store?

  5. I know how your husband feels, and all I did was weed the vegie garden. Anyone who thinks gardening is exercise for old people clearly never did extreme gardening, which is the only way I garden.


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