Monday, June 07, 2010

rock and roll babe

Mondays are never an easy way to start the day, but I'm pretty sure that a glimpse of these Roger Vivier Rose 'n' Roll heels will put some spring in your step. Aren't they just the most amazing things you've ever seen? I'm pretty sure that scarlet and purple are my two favourite hue combinations - the perfect way to warm up a winter - and when you add a satin rose, well, I'm in heaven.

The sun's shining today. Honestly! The sky's blue and everything just seems that little more do-able. I've got a load of washing to hang out {a black load that I added something a little extra to, a tissue...} and another to wash. Let's hope the rain stays away long enough for them to dry out.

How's your week looking?


  1. Hi PPMJ - a tissue in the dark load - glad to know I am not the only one that happens too. Less so now my kids are grown and moved out, which just goes to show it must have been them leaving them in their pockets - LOL. Sunny winter's day here in Perth and I am about to load up the washing machine. Mind you it is freezing along with the sun so the washing may take a while to dry. Have a great week. xxx

  2. Hey Kakka, lovely to hear from you. I don't even think my tissue was in a pocket - just floating around! And never in a dark load are they?

    Enjoy your day and your week xx

  3. Tissue in the pocket - been there done that lots! And those shoes are just fabulous!


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