Tuesday, June 29, 2010

so danged cold

Wow, it was so freezing last night that I slept with my arms under the covers - would have put my head under there too if it were possible. Hello Winter.

I need warming up - does this image here help?

I spent the day yesterday doing all those niggly tasks that offer little reward while you're doing them, but make life a lot simpler in the long-run. My email in-box is down from 475 emails to 152, my sent articles are all filed in the correct part of the Filed folder {under the chocolate cherry cupcake icon on my desktop - sweet}.

We had a great game of netball last night, soured only by the opposing Goal Attack. Seriously, if you're going to get cranky and whingy about the opposition actually playing the game and intercepting your passes and stopping your goals just go home and play on a Wii fit. I don't do whinginess and really wish I didn't have to put up with it in others. Excitingly, we made the semis next week - so we should as I discovered last night we're actually on top of the ladder - yay us. So next week we'll play the semi-final at 6.40 then if we win, the final at 8pm. Woo hoo.

Even though it's frosty cold, I'm hoping it's still a good drying day. My sheets are in the machine almost ready to go on the line. Ahhhh, a good night's sleep in clean flannelette sheets. Is there anything that says cozy winter better?


  1. congrats! I hope you'll win the final! it's a little bit freezing over here too...if I may say so...not sure how cold was there in the morning, but we had 7:)hope you'll have a fab day! xx

  2. Yes - freezing the proverbials off over here as well. Keep running into your blog via mutual friends so I thought I would pop in and say hi! Glad I did and now I am following your super cute offering. Mrs Woog xo

  3. Thanks Oana, I think it was around 5 degrees this morning. Thank goodness for air con!

    Mrs Woog, thanks for stopping by - checked out your blog, laughed a lot and followed! x

  4. Just come visit me. You'll be soaked through with humidity the minute you step off the plane.


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