Monday, June 28, 2010

statement in my study

See this fabulous carpet with peonies swirled all over it? Well that's what's going underfoot in my study. Tres fabulous non? However, we're going for an even greater statement with the carpet in charcoal. Dark, yet divine. The walls will be white, the desk a pale french grey, chair white, bookshelves white. We've been tossing up whether to go with the safer mid-grey option, but after a weekend's deliberation we've both decided that we can cope with the statement the bolder shade offers.

I'm beside myself with excitement as I've never chosen a carpet before. I adore floorboards and had hoped to paint the boards in my study white - but after pulling up the carpet in the corner we discovered we only had boards in half the room, and masonite in the extended section.

We ducked into a carpet showroom the other day and as I was moping around the selections, I stumbled across this Signature beauty named Rosa. That's it, t'was smitten. So fingers crossed we'll be doing a spot of redecoration in the near future. Shall I be sad to say goodbye to my boring beige berber and pale veneer desk? I think not. Considering the amount of time I spend in my study, working from home, it should be our most fabulous room. Can't wait to glam it up.


  1. sounds like the perfect way to spend the day at work.
    how exciting!! study facelift.
    we could never have carpet..unless we wanted it to remind us of a plate of FOOD! (thanks to a little piglet in our home)
    happy week ♥

  2. It is awesome. And the charcoal will be lovely.

    I have the feeling you and my house would great along great. Statement colour with lots of French grey and white.

    Loving that chair and footstool too.

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE it! It's going to look fabulous! Oh my stars I bet you are getting excited now....?

  4. Thanks girls. I'm so excited - hopefully this'll be the first job in the household renos. We're taking it slowly, but this room should be the easiest/cheapest of the lot.

  5. This will be so beautiful in charcoal. Go the little luxury everyday look!

  6. Fab U Lous - just beautiful. Can't wait to see the darker version down. Looking for carpet myself but probably not brave enough for something so gorgeous.

  7. Fab carpet! It's going to look great!


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