Friday, June 25, 2010

such a sweet weekend

Can you hear that sound? I'm pretty sure that what you can hear is thousands of sighs greeting the weekend. Aaaaaah. What does your weekend involve? Tragically mine has nothing to do with this cute-as-a-haberdashers-full-of-buttons caravan here. Seriously, if I owned that wee beauty I'd be constantly camping - although, strictly speaking, surely that'd be glamping in such a number.

My weekend involves plotting, planning, scheming and acting. Oh, and getting our tax ready {le sigh, le ugh}. There will be study designing {wait till you see the carpet we've found, you JUST WAIT}. There shall also be bathroom scheming - and a spot of garden plotting thrown in at the same time. We'll also throw in the last of the netball games before the school holidays, a birthday party and some drinking of champagne {c'mon - it's the weekend - bubbles are mandatory...} and a tad relaxation.

C'mon - you?


  1. I'm going to home made high tea for my sister's birthday. My step-mum and dad are hosting in lieu of finding a suitable and available venue. I'm making mini quiches and lemon slice (I chose the easy route at last minutes notice!).
    Have a lovely weekend

  2. LOVE the caravan. I had one like this disintegrating on my little farm years ago and always wished I could have restored it, but it was beyond saving when I bought the place.

    As for my weekend...not sure yet, but I do have the house to myself, which is exciting. Never know what mischief I might get up to!!

  3. Sorry, I didn't get past the caravan. A friend and I used to dream of driving around Australia pulling a caravan shaped like a snail. But even I didn't dare to imagine the matching umbrella...

  4. Now PPMJ, you really think that would be glamping? Have you clocked the size of that sweet little pea?

    Happy weekend. Mine involves a whole lotta not much at all (plus child haircut, child eyetest, child soccer game and (other people's) child babysitting job...)

  5. Have a fab weekend.

    Mine will involve sushi, movies and a sausage sizzle, so can't complain at all! xx

  6. Oh Kylie, that sounds lovely! Have a wonderful weekend.

    Jen, isn't it just the cutest thing in the world! Enjoy your home-alone time, oh bliss...

    LIAPF - my husband and I had the same dream, we even had the right car for it - a 1961 Morris Minor - cuteness incorporated. And the umbrella and the deckchairs are causing untold envy, lust and desire internally.

    Maxabella - oh, you have no idea the things I'd do with the interior of that caravan to ensure I was actually Glamping. With a capital G.L.A.M.P.I.N.G!

    Corinne, sounds blissful!


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