Sunday, June 27, 2010

super-sunny sunday

I must say that it's a helluva lot easier to wake and leap out of bed when blue sky's peeking around the corner of the blinds. It's a gorgeous, glorious day today. Tragically, we'll be spending some/most/all of it putting my tax together. Eep. But I'm also planning on working my way through teetering piles of washing {seriously, that other family that keeps dumping dirty clothing in my washing basket really needs to stop...}

There will also be a section of time allocated to getting out into the wintery sunshine with my gal. A walk to the beach perhaps? How's your Sunday treating you?


  1. Today has dawned a bit dreary and grey here in Perth - it has been so cold that the washing I put out in the sun yesterday just wasn't dry enough to bring in yesterday afternoon so I am a little worried it will now get wet. There are only the 2 of us here, and my laundry basket is always overflowing - there seems to be as much as then all 4 kids were still at home. Glad you have some sun and blue skies - enjoy.

  2. This weekend has been hot and have spent both Saturday and Sunday with friends in their garden and in the paddling pool. Am shattered and really should be in bed but just got caught up catching up on the weekend's blog posts!


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