Tuesday, June 29, 2010

sweetly scented

Because it was so frosty this morning I decided to be uber-productive. So after I completed a phone interview I dashed out and vacuumed and mopped the kitchen floor and the bathroom floor. So now I can smell the deliciously lavender-scented cleanliness wafting through the house and feel twice as motivated to get this story written up and sent off.

New plan: do one decent piece of housework per day after doing a solid hour's work in the morning. This way I don't have to use special blinkers to walk through the house and ignore the mess and I'll feel more inspired to actually get work done.

I'm steeling myself for the school holidays. We've only got one weekend trip planned so I'll be doing a few half-day playdates and hoping that my gal gets asked for a few herself. I'm also aiming to get myself ahead in my work so my deadlines aren't quite as pressing during the break. At least our play options are more wide-open this holiday with no broken arm to contend with!


  1. This all sounds like a great plan. The housework one is super. Just keep that cleeeeeean smell in your mind as you get through the drudge.

    Oh, I like the fact that you've been 'cold' and 'chilled' all in the one day. Harry Potter here we come!

  2. Obviously this weather's affected my brain as well as my fingers!

  3. Love the lavender snap. I can smell the freshness through the ether...

    I'm going to do the half-day plans for the school hols too. A bit of time at home, a bit of time out and about. SOunds like a good balance to me.


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