Friday, June 18, 2010

wizarding wow

I think I need to step away from Twitter at the moment. See, I follow Lainey, from LaineyGossip and at the moment she's deep inside The Wizarding World of Harry Potter and every single tweet is turning me a deeper shade of green. Currently I'm such a dark shade of emerald that in certain light I appear black.

Check out her rundown here. And tell me, when are we going?

PS: This pic, with all the Weasleys in their titian-haired perfection? Making my life.


  1. I was reading all these yesterday and getting excited myself and I am not even really a Harry Fan. Captivating.

  2. Oh, I'm a massive Harry geek. Love every single aspect of it - particularly the history of Jo Rowling sitting in a cafe mapping out the plots of all the books. Genius.


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