Friday, June 18, 2010

woo hoooo weekend!

Phew, a busy week shall be bookended by another busy weekend. I don't know about you, but long weekends tend to throw my working week into turmoil. I feel like I've been frantically chasing butterflies this week - so it's time to slow down. Soon.

This afternoon it's school report day. Can't wait to see what my gal's teacher has to share with us. Then we're going to dash off to Westfield {eek!} to buy a birthday present for the sleepover party my gal's attending tonight. I have to pick her up at 9am for a netball game - and then we've got another game on Sunday {no lolling around for breakfast in bed!}. My husband's parents are coming down to watch her play on Sunday and are then coming back here for brunch. Still haven't contemplated food options - should probably get onto that shouldn't I?

Saturday night we'll be watching Australia redeem themselves in the World Cup. We will, won't we? I'm also going out for 'mother's drinks' with some lovely lasses from school. Drinks in a harbourside bar sure sounds like a fine way to spend an early Saturday afternoon.

There'll also be the obligatory gardening and housecleaning. Sigh. Can't these things ever start to look after themselves?

How about you? Plans?


  1. Hmm..I am seeing a play on Sunday night so that should be fun :) Lots of house cleaning though planned this weekend :(

  2. Enjoy the play Clarissa - sounds lovely. And yes, house cleaning - not so lovely, but oh-so-necessary x

  3. I'm finally going to see SATC2 on Sunday afternoon and I CAN'T WAIT! A grown-up movie! Good luck to the Aussies on Sat night!

  4. I'm off to see SATC on Sunday afternoon as well. My daughter and I are off to Gold Class to indulge. Can't wait. Glad it will be dark in the cinema to hide my black eye and scaby face - the things I do in the name of vanity.


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