Monday, June 28, 2010

yes please mr manolo

Oh, come on, how ridiculously pretty are these Manolos? I found them over at Nordstom, and if I had a lazy $850-odd dollars lying around the house cluttering it up, I think I'd buy them. But I don't, so I shan't. Oh well, a gal should dream. It's also inspired me to jazz up a pair of my strappy sandals with fabric flowers - not my Manolos - they're staying intact. But I do have a few pairs of shoes that could do with a make-over...

Yesterday my husband spent the entire day putting my tax together - bless his socks. With me dashing in and out to help find receipts and info. Luckily, this next tax year I've been more organised and have all my info collated in the one place. We'll be starting on that soon enough.

My gal and I did a spot of planting on the weekend. Some sweet peas along a bare patch of fence {late, but hopefully they'll take off}, primulas around the base of the dovecote and violas in the window boxes off the living room. I went with the cheap option of seedlings this time, rather than potted colour the time before. Hopefully they'll take off and give us a burst of colour for 1/4 the price.

Enjoy your week - hope it's productive and fun x


  1. They are quite the loveliest pair of shoes ever - red, ruffles, what more do we need. I must confess, however, that these days even if I had $850 burning a hole in my pocket, I would not buy shoes with it. Those ridiculously excessive, wasteful, materialistic days are well behind me.

    But, you're right. A girl can dream.

  2. Oh you DID get me these for my birthday! You lovely gal you! Muah!


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