Wednesday, July 21, 2010

because i'm a lady

So, I have an article that needs to be sent off by tomorrow morning, dinner that needs to be cooked, a study that needs to have approximately 80 000 magazines and 10 000 books moved from it and what am I thinking "Gee, I don't think I've done a shoe of the week this week". So, despite the fact that nobody's sent me pining emails lamenting its absence - here you go.

This ladylike number by Lanvin would offset any frock - particularly a cream chiffon number. Now, when you hear the words "I'm a lady!" what pops in your head first? I'm hoping that like me, it's Marie from the Aristocats - and not those 'ladies' from Little Britain {although I think they'd love these too...}


  1. they are beautiful. just the perfect colour.

  2. I adore, adore, adore, adore these. The sole looks like they'd be comfy too. I agree with the dreamy cream chiffon call too. Thanks for posting pretty shoes rather than doing your other 1 million other things. ;)

  3. Gorgeous shoes. Hope you got your chores done.

  4. Glad you posted. Always lovely to have pretty shoes to look at!

  5. Melissa, I'm besotted with the colour!

    Cat, they do look comfy as well as beautiful don't they?

    LIAPF - I did - phew.

    Thanks Photo Puddle - it's been a crazy mixed-up week, hopefully it's returning to normal soon...


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