Friday, July 23, 2010

fabulously friday

Hey there, how's tricks? I'm writing this in my study which only has a desk, chair, computer - and a helluva lot of dust in it! Last night while I was at French Lessons my lovely husband took every single thing from the room and slapped a test coat of paint on a patch of a wall. It needs a good vacuum, and then we'll have to get in and start washing down the walls and painting.

On a hectic deadline today - much chasing to do. So if I don't leave a comment on your blog, just know that I'd be either nodding my head in agreement, tsking in agreement, gaping my mouth in amazement or doing a little dance of joy in celebration {um, Beth, that's yours!}

Enjoy your day x


  1. What a nice husbandy thing to do. New study getting clooooooser... Hope you get through your to do list today!

  2. He is a lovely husband! And I'm sloooooowly getting there on the to-do list. Sigh.


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